Often trapped in pursuits of a meaningful expense of our time, the significance of the leisurely vagabond day dreamer is little realized. The lacuna of a forum in the country which indulges in an experimentation of ideas otherwise labeled esoteric, is evident. SIRCLE, Spade India Research Cell, an offshoot of SPADE India emerges here.

SIRCLE endeavours to create an archive of compacted understandings of our built environments, expressed in different media to nurture critically creative thinking in all our realms that we believe impacts architecture and design.
join us?
research documents
all students and graduates of

Write to us, expressing your area
of interest for study in the field of
architecture and design.

3 months

Stipend for 3 months
Accommodation if available upon
Note : The study will be directed by
professionals / SPADE associates. Study will be
published by SIRCLE with credits to the
researcher. The researcher will be supported
by a stipend for a period of 3 months.